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AB Tändkulan in Borlänge has been running independent operations in process automation and industrial IT since 1992.
Today we are 28 employees, of whom 3 are the sole owners of the company.
The operations have been conducted since 1996 in their own property.

We work mainly in project form with our own projects. Everything from overall commitments in major
newbuildings and rebuildings that can last for several years to smaller projects that last a few weeks or months.
Our customers are located throughout the country and in industries such as energy & environment, iron & steel, pulp & paper, mining, water & sewage, food and wood industry.

AB Tändkulan has extensive experience from projects where we have had overall commitments regarding automation, control system, electricity and instrument contracts.
Our and our subcontractors' commitments in the projects have included project management, design, programming, workshop assembly, site installation, installation and commissioning of deliveries.
AB Tändkulan has long experience of most common industrial control systems in the market.